‘Tis The Season

superthumbct.jpgWestchester, NY | Tree-Lighting Ceremony

December 2nd, 2016 | 6:11 p.m.

“Ugh, gross! I swear if my parents keep up with the PDA, I’m going to have to consider moving in with you in the city.” I said rolling my eyes as I walked away from my parents as I talked to Bianca Joyce, my socialite best friend, on the phone. Ever since my dad came back in May, he’s stayed. They haven’t fought, but maybe it’s because whenever one of them tries to bring up the subject they quickly shut up.

“Wait, remind me. Are they back together. And are they separated or divorced?” Bianca asked me.

“Well, he has been living in our house for about six months now so I would say they are back together but they have a lot of unresolved issues. And they are divorced since I was nine or ten.” I reported to her.

I felt a pair of eyes staring at me, and when I turned around I saw him pouring himself champagne. As soon as he noticed me staring back, he started to make his way over to the corner in which I stood.

“Got to go, B. I’ll call you later,” I told her and hung up before she could protest because she had to stay home because of her cold and was bored.

He brushed past me and took my hand. I stood there dumbfounded as he led me to an isolated room in the building in the park. “Hello, Dylan Marvil.” He said as he poured me a glass of champagne in the extra glass.

I took a sip and answered, “Jason Pierce, can’t remember the last time it was a pleasure to see you.”

He moved closer to me so I turned around before he could kiss me. “What do I owe you the pleasure, Jason,” I asked him as he kissed my neck but he abruptly stopped at the sound of an incoming text ding from my phone.

Massie: Where are you. Meet the PC & I in the middle of the park ASAP.

“Saved by the bell,” I thought.

“Well, what a shame I have to go,” I said as I turned around and give him a petty smile.

Right after the door closed behind me I ran to find Massie and the Pretty Committee. I wanted to tell them all about what happened right now with Jason. But, that wasn’t even an option since they only knew that his family was super rich and he was the bad boy, trouble-maker, heartbreaker, whatever you want to call him. The only person that knew what happened about seven months ago was Bianca and she didn’t even know the full story.

I found Massie, Alicia, Kristen, and Claire waiting for me by the platform. I smoothed down my custom Dior dress and matching Dior winter coat as Massie got a text from her boyfriend. They were the typical high school relationship. It was new, and always on-and-off. Their new relationship was kind of like a glass vase, fragile and delicate.

I teased along with the PC at Massie and she put her phone away smiling. We pushed to the front of the stage for a good view as the lights dimmed a little.

The Pretty Committee arrived at the edge of the stage just as Mayor McNeilly stepped up to the microphone stand to say her speech which sounded identical year after year. “Good evening, Westchester! I’m very happy to see you all out here in the chilly weather to see the town Christmas tree being lit up for the first time this year! So, without further ado, let’s light this Christmas tree!” Mayor McNeilly said as everybody cheered and the twinkly lights on the tree flickered to life, casting a colorful glow over the entire park.

“It’s going to get way loud up here very fast, let’s move back a little bit,” Massie said, “plus, Mayor McNeilly will see us up here and want to talk to us, so let’s hurry up.”

We made our way back to the snack table before Massie made a halt.

Claire noticed the strange look on Massie’s face and stopped next to Massie. “Mass?”

“You okay, M?” Kristen asked, looking concerned as she stopped next to Claire.

I looked in the direction Massie froze and spotted four girls who looked familiar and said, “Hey, those girls look… kinda familiar. Do we know them?” I knew exactly who they were, but for Massie’s sake, I stayed quiet. The last thing I needed was another alpha meltdown.

“Uh, no — no we don’t. Here, let’s go to the other side, it’ll be warmer.” Massie said and hurried us along.

I stayed behind with Alicia and Kristen. They seemed really interested in who the girls were and Alicia said, “Dylan’s right, they did look familiar, I just can’t think of who they are.”

I didn’t really care about who the girls were. All I could think about was Jason slowly kissing me.

“Want them wearing leather
Begging, let me be your taste test
I like the sad eyes, bad guys
Mouth full of white lies”

-Halsey, Ghost

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On My Mind

large copy.jpgWestchester, NY | Café, Prescott Academy

May 2nd, 2016 | 8:07 a.m.

“Wow, Saturday night beat me up, I’m still exhausted,” I said right before yawning, “I think I had too much to drink.”

“Well, we tried to tell you.” Claire shrugged at me, referring to Saturday night.

I rolled my eyes and stated the obvious, “You never told me anything, Kuh-laire.”

“Dyl,” Massie snapped, “Claire might not have said anything, but I certainly did. I told you to slow down, I told you Cole was bad news, I told you he was a perv.”

I looked down at my lap and said “I should have listened to you. Cole was not the guy for me.”

I didn’t mean it, though. Sure he was a perv, but all my friends thought I did it with him. Puh-lease, we only hooked up at the dance… but I was totally wasted. We hooked up and then he left and I haven’t heard of him since. I could care less, probably because there was a special someone on my mind. I didn’t want my friends to find out yet, but I knew hiding that was going to take all the strength I have.

Alicia looked at Kristen who happened to be daydreaming and said, “What about you?”

Kristen’s gaze became unfocused and she turned her head toward Alicia and said, “Huh?”

“What happened with Austin?” Alicia pressed, wanting more information.

“Oh, he told me he’d call me and never did. I don’t think he was right for me.” Kristen said.

“K, what’s going on with you lately? You seem to be a little… distracted.” Massie questioned because Kristen had been acting very distant and secretive for the past few weeks.

“Um, nothing, I just… I…” Kristen’s gaze followed a trail, it wasn’t about something, but about someone.

Kristen jumped up from the table, jostling her Cinnamon Dolce Latte. The cup wobbled and fell on its side, the contents pouring out. She grabbed her Herschel backpack and ran out of the cafe, leaving her friends and her spilled latte behind.

Massie, shocked and confused, said: “What the heck was going on with Kristen?”

Claire stared at her, eyebrows raised. “What’s her deal?”

Massie shook her head “I don’t know, but let’s just find someone to clean up this mess.”

I knew what was going on with Kristen. I didn’t know exactly but I knew she had her mind on someone. Probably debating whether to let them know you always think about them and that their smiles make your sorrows go away… My gaze started to shift and I snapped out of it. “Stop turning Kristen’s problem into yours!” I thought. Massie waved a custodian over, who immediately whipped out a rag and began wiping up the spilled coffee. When he finished, he gave us a nod and walked away.

“Thanks, Jay,” Massie called after him.

I caught a glare across the room from a dreamy brown-haired, blue-eyed boy who made my heart feel like it was being held over a candle. I looked away rapidly before he could mouth something or wink or smirk at me. All I could think of when he saw me was his hands running through my hair.

Crushing on the school’s most popular guy and bad boy didn’t help my lists of problems. My estranged father, Derek Marvil, visits from time to time but I hadn’t seen him since December when he left fuming after a really big fight with my mother. He lives in L.A. and since my older twin sisters live there, he has a good relationship with them. With me, he doesn’t see me every week, more like every 6 months. He wasn’t part of my life again until I was 13 and he still wasn’t fully in it.

He showed up yesterday and our estate which shocked both me and my mother and had a big discussion with my mother last night. When I got home from the hour and a half drive from NYC, I said hi to him and went to sleep. I really just pressed my ear up the door of her office and eavesdropped on their conversation. It sounded identical to the same one they had last time.

I glanced over my shoulder to find him staring at me. His soft blue eyes piercing my heart as if they shot arrows. He was on my mind, again.

“It’s a little blurry how the whole thing started
I don’t even really know what you intended
Thought that you were cute and you could make me jealous”

-Ellie Goulding, On My Mind

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superthumb22New York, New York | Gapstow Bridge, Central Park

May 1st, 2016 | 4:15 p.m.

I walked across Gapstow Bridge in Central Park. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, and the skies were blue with not a hint of a cloud. I stopped at the top of the bridge to take a picture of the amazing view of the sky, the pond, the trees, and the buildings. I loved the city, not just because I knew it like the palm of my hand, but because I was a native. I felt safe, I felt like I belonged here. People started to whisper and point at me as I took the picture.

“Oh my gosh! You’re Dylan Marvil!!” A brunette fan says running up to me as she takes her phone out of her purse.

I wanted a quiet afternoon stroll in Central Park, but fans and paparazzi always seemed to find me. This started last year when I gained 21.5 million followers on Instagram, 20 million on Twitter, and 10 million on Tumblr. After that, I was named “Social Media Queen” at the Teen Choice Awards, and other awards for social media. I also was on my mom’s talk show which helped me and caught the eye of many. I then modeled for many designers making the total millions.

“What can I do for you, hon?” I ask her as she opens Snapchat.

“Can you take a video for my story? My friends aren’t going to believe this! My name is Kennedy by the way!” She says excitedly.

I nod as she starts filming, “Hi guys! I’m Dylan Marvil! Your friend Kennedy found me in Central Park,” I say waving, “and she is super sweet!” I say as the video ends.

“Oh my gosh! Thank you so so so much!” She says as she adds it to her story and runs back to her friends at the end of the bridge.

I took my hat and put it on, and then lowered my hat so nobody else would recognize me. I started walking very fast toward 5th avenue. Now I had to go back to my apartment that I had in the city before the paparazzi arrived and started to make up a story to go with the pictures for the next day’s tabloids.

I got in an Uber and face-timed my best friend, out of the Pretty Committee, Bianca Joyce. She was a tall brunette with hazel-brownish eyes, but she liked to change hair colors. She had 20 million followers on Instagram, so we met at a high-class event and agreed to meet up soon. I sometimes bring her to Massie’s sleepovers, because Massie wouldn’t say no to another social media star at her sleepover.

“Hey B!” I say to her with enthusiasm, I loved having another best friend out of the PC.

“Hey Dyl,” Bianca says , “what sup?”

“Fans and paparazzi saw me at Central Park so I had to go before tabloids started to be made,” I said rolling my eyes.

“I feel you. I read a story that apparently I just got a face tattoo in Tokyo. Where are you right now?” She says confused.

“An Uber, on my way to my SoHo penthouse,” I say looking out of the window, we were almost past midtown.

“Wait, what about the Upper East Side one?” She says confused, again.

“My mom is staying there for the weekend, and I have to live with her during the week so I’d rather not spend my weekends with her too. She starts going crazy and asking me for selfie tips.” I rolling my eyes, again.

“Lol, what did you do yesterday?” Bianca asks.

“I was at my school dance with this perv, Cole, but we only hooked up. I was so wasted, though.” I say laughing at what happened on Saturday night.

We said goodbye and I looked at a story on a tabloid website: ‘Dylan Marvil on her way to the hair salon to dye her hair back to red. We all thought this natural brunette learned that red hair is not her color in middle school.’

I just wanted to be normal, a normal teenage girl.

MERI LEE MARVIL: Your dad’s home

But then again, I was a Marvil. And we Marvils’ aren’t normal…

“Man I can understand how it might be
Kinda hard to love a girl like me
I don’t blame you much for wanting to be free
I just wanted you to know”

-Kanye West ft. Rihanna, Famous

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